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Who’s using Oovoo?

According to,  their mostly millennial audience is what sets them apart from their competitors. There are some interesting facts on Oovoo’s website regarding the demographics of their users.  Of the over 150 million users:

  • 65% of the users are under 25 years of age
  • Their terms of service states a minimum age of 13 years old
  • 53% of users are female
  • 47% of users are male
  • users are in 130 different countries

The ease of installing the app and the free cost appeals to younger people.  They are also drawn to being able to have video parties with up to twelve of their friends at one time, and send photos, videos, and other media content on one application.

What is Oovoo?

Did you say you aren’t using Oovoo?  Well, you should feel out of the loop considering more than 150 million people worldwide are using this social media app to stay connected. Since it’s launch in 2014,   Oovoo has become one of the most popular messaging apps among millennials, and has reinvented the video chat experience.  The Oovoo app supports high quality free video chats for up to twelve people at a time, unlimited free voice calls, free text messaging and video messaging, and free screen share. Users find it easy to have video parties and group hangouts, send photos, videos, and other media content, and even organize study groups.  Innovative feature the the offers include: video call effects including filters available during video calls, a one-tap access from your home screen to access to your “Fab 5” contacts, a one-touch screen sharing feature, and a new face recognition feature that reads human emotions.  Additionally, there is a “Me”screen which displays all of the videos and photos that you have shared, along with your text status updates.  Furthermore, a “Friends” screen displays videos, photos, and text status updates shared by your friends. The app is free and easy to install, which makes it appealing to the children,teens, and college age students.  After initially installing the app, users are sign into or create a new account.  Users have the option to create accounts through social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter.  Once you are logged in, Oovoo will import your contacts from your device.  Additionally, Oovoo has an advanced friend finder feature that searches Oovoo, Facebook,  Twitter, Gmail, and WhatsApp  to add friends.  The default privacy setting are set to “public”, so that you can interact with people you don’t know, but you can change that option so that you can just interact with your friends.  The app is powered by  cloud-based technology, which supports all platforms including IPhones, IPads, Android mobile phones and tablets, and PCs.

Want to be cool? Download Oovoo, and join the nearly 100,000 users joining daily!